is the banker from deal or no deal even real

He had a show called This Is Howie Do It
I dont think you understand the level of godliness that this man has transcended to.

no no sibi

i literally mean the banker


like was he literally even real

Oh yeah no that banker was fucking satan in the form of a crash dummy and theres nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

Color Palette Challenge | Livestream Offline

I think I finally finished the first piece of the challenge! But I’ll be posting each piece all in one post instead of individually, so it’ll be a while until any of them see my blog. :P

Thanks to friends for joining the chat while we sang along to didney moosic! I’ll probably get started on the next piece sometime this weekend. Bye!

P.S. That was an insanely long stream. Don’t think I’ll be doing them that long again. (I say as I prepare to do like six more challenge pieces.)

Today’s Streaming Offline & WtWA

I ended up reading the web comic Welcome to Walt Academy instead of streaming some more. So I’ll continue the stream sometime tomorrow, if I can!

But seriously, read this comic. It’s pretty interesting the way the artist puts it together and it’s rather good!

Click the URL welcometowaltacademy and then click “Reader Center” followed by “The Comic” tab. Every issue can be found there.

And now I’m off to reading. Bye now. :U


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Anonymous asked:

spyro started out as good, then it got cartoony, then repetitive (i.e. first you save the dragons, then the babys, then the dragonflies), then they tried to go back to the roots (this happens to most games) and made it even worse. spyro was potentially good but ultimately plummeted like most games. (more i.e. that rapper game i cant remember, sorta pokemon, theres 2 many to name)

grigorisultimatum answered:

The series has a whole lot of unrealised potential both as a “kiddy” (I use that word loosely), silly and fun game series (ergo classic series) and as an actual story-driven action/RPG series (TLoS) and even Skylanders could’ve been good had they polished it up and actually made Spyro a relevant character rather than a marketing tool.

But they’ve repeatedly failed to live up to that potential, either through poor design/development decisions or simple lack of funding/innovation/inspiration. Looking at the concept art for any of the TLoS series (especially DotD, which has some amazing design opportunities) easily explains how much they could have wrought.

Most of the series’ popularity comes either from nostalgia or fan interpretations/fan fixes, the latter of which is highly subjective.


I really have to agree with pretty much all of this especially the bit about it having unrealized potential. I’ve never managed to play all the way through every single classic game although the story line of TLoS just leaves so much out there that could really be expanded and elaborated upon to the point where a lot of people were really disappointed with what they actually received. And I honestly have to believe that a lot of people, including myself, didn’t actually fall in love with the game/story itself, but probably the potential that it had.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the story is filled with plot holes, although I also wouldn’t go as far as to say that there aren’t any at all. The story does leave you with a lot of unanswered questions once you reach the end leading to a lot of frustration on the fandom’s part. (And this honestly explains the huge-ish fan fiction numbers. 2.4K stories on alone.)

But the TLoS series definitely isn’t perfect. Some reasons coming off the top of my head:

  • Dark Spyro and his limited amount of screen time (and when he did show up, he made no more than awkwardly short appearances)
  • Never actually seeing (or even hearing about) Flash and Nina ever again (Sparx’s parents)
  • what did sparx even do
  • no really he served no other purpose than comic relief and I just would have liked to see more come out of him as a character I guess?
  • Spyro nor Cynder’s characters went through much character development and showed little to no personality for the most part (a friend of mine went as far as calling Spyro a “Marty Stu” and I agree with her more so than not)
  • Come to think of it, Sparx probably had most character development but it only showed during his final scene
  • I would have loved to hear more about the history of the alliance of the moles and dragons of Warfang
  • or the history of the dragons period
  • dog pirates
  • The repetition of the first and second games quickly becomes antagonizing
  • Fillers

After elaborating on the actual story line, one may begin to realize exactly how short the entire thing actually is and that it was really just made to seem longer through excessive fillers, quests, and abnormally difficult boss battles and/or enemy waves. All of which could have been replaced with either character development, elaboration, explanations, or just more story to satisfy any provoked thoughts and frequently asked questions.

I think because of the unfulfilled potential of the series, the 3D animated film was seen as a “second chance” per say. Although, as expected, most that were disappointed by the game didn’t expect anything great out of the movie. which was canceled forever ok

Aaaand those are my two cents. Basically tl;dr, the fandom recognizes the potential of Spyro games (classic or legend) and when the game fails to fulfill said potential, we riot some of us slowly begin to lose faith in what future Spyro games may look like. But even then, from what I’m seeing, most of the Spyro Fandom is a Spyro fan not only because of what we have, but because of what it could be.

"Most of the series’ popularity comes either from nostalgia or fan interpretations/fan fixes, the latter of which is highly subjective." -grigorisultimatum

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

k. i’m out.